Friday, April 6, 2007

33. Shop Review: Irohado

Irohado is another of Shimokita's funky little shops. Mostly it is full of cheap, ugly hats and bags. But there is an interesting selection of women's socks - very funky. They also have a bunch of Jackie Onassis (or Nicole Richie - for those of you who don't realize who truly made them famous) over-sized sunglasses, all for 1000 yen. At the same price, they also have lots of stylish glasses for those of us who want to wear glasses but don't really need them. Throw in crazy shoelaces, cheap jewelry, and a collection of buttons and patches - that's Irohado.

From Shimokita's South Exit, make an immediate left at the McDonalds. At the first street, turn right. It is a little ways down on the right hand side.