Wednesday, April 11, 2007

41. Bar Review: Heavens Door

If you are in Shimokita, and you want to drink with English-speaking foreigners, Heavens Door is the place for you. The owner, Paul Davies, is from Manchester, and the night I was there, 100% of the conversations in the bar were in English.

According to their website, they have a variety of events: soccer broadcasts, birthday parties, quiz nights, wine tasting, occasional live music, karaoke,...

They have a full bar, most drinks run between 600 and 900 yen. Soft drinks, tea, coffee 400 - 500 yen. I don't know if they serve any food, but I imagine they do.

Happy Hour every weekday from 6pm to 8pm, glass beer and glass wine are 300 yen.
Ladies night is every Friday. Ladies only - glass beer, glass wine, cocktails are 350 yen.

Our group had a lot of fun drinking and singing karaoke, although you have to have the words to the song in your head (but they did have a decent selection of songs on their i-pod).

Paul and the staff are very friendly, and the drinks were good. I'm sure guys would care less, but I was disappointed with the atmosphere. The walls are plastered with faces cut out from magazines, and they look like they've been there a while. There is a mismatch of tables with mostly folding chairs. There are a couple of sofas and some bar stools, but everything just seemed thrown together to me. There was a good selection of English books against one wall, but they just added a cluttered feeling. Again, maybe foreign women are not who they are trying to attract. I'm sure it is just the place to catch the latest British soccer match on TV.

Hours of Operation: 6pm - 2am

Location: 2 minutes walk from the South Exit of Shimokitazawa Station. Walk straight down the main shopping street, then turn right at Mister Donuts. It is on the left, 2nd floor.

Address: Kitazawa 2-17-10, Takimoto Bld. 2F
Phone: 03-3411-6774