Friday, April 6, 2007

35. Restaurant Review: Daikon Man

I have no idea why this place is called 'Daikon Man', there is no Japanese radish served here. This is a standard okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and yakisoba joint. One of those places where the smell of food on the griddle drifts out the door and pulls you inside.

Interesting enough, this place used to be Italian. I know that because they left Italian decorations on the walls. They also leave the daily grease and grime - if you really look at things closely, you probably won't want to eat here. But, if you want really delicious okonomiyaki (Kansai or Hiroshima style) in a typical Asian setting, this is the place. The restaurant is narrow and only holds three tables for 4, two tables for 2, and space for 10 on a long 'L' shaped bench right on the edge of the huge griddle. Watching the show and making friends with the people beside you is all part of the fun. Just don't let your coat rub up against the wall or fall on the floor!

Location: Walk straight down the main shopping street on the South side of Shimokitazawa station. You'll see (and smell) Daikon Man on your left.