Friday, April 13, 2007

45. Cafe Review: Alicia

Alicia is tiny cafe run by an older Japanese lady and her young assistant. There is a long wood counter with ten seats, and one table for 2. Red and white checkered curtains hang in the window. There are wood carvings all over the place, many with the name 'Alicia' carved into them, many others are animal figures. The place is cluttered and older, but interesting. Light piano music plays in the background. There is a small newspaper and magazine rack for those who want to read (Japanese only). In the far corner is a display of jams, rice, and other foods for sale. On display on the counter were: apple pie slices (no sugar or egg) 420 yen, and small bags of homemade cookies 470 yen.

The lunch menu is completely in Japanese, and is a little bit of a challenge to understand. The focus is 'natural foods'. I don't think the menu changes, so if you just remember what I've written here, you'll be all right.

A) Alicia's Lunch 1100 yen

B) Mixed Fry Lunch (potato croquette, fried tempe, fried white fish) and a salad 1250

C) Sesame Seed Soba Noodles and Seasonal Tempura Lunch 1500

D) Homemade bread sandwich with your choice of two fillings (potato croquette, fried tempe, cheese, mixed grain croquette). Comes with hot coffee or hot tea (for an extra 50 yen, you can have ice coffee or ice tea). 1250

E) Recommended Vegetable Lunch 1250

Other menu items:

*Vegetable and egg fried rice 890
*Sesame dare soba noodles 800

*Coffee or Tea 250 yen
*Apple or Iyokan Juice 350 yen

There is a dessert set (cake + coffee or tea) for 480 yen. And, a dessert + herb tea set for 600 yen.
I ordered 'D'. It was tasty, but I wouldn't order it again. I think the lady near me had 'A'. It looked really healthy and delicious. There was miso soup, rice, pickled vegetables, another small side of vegetables, and one of the croquettes with shredded cabbage.

Location: From Shimokita's South Exit, turn left down the hill. Just past the Baskin Robbins, turn left and go under the 'Greek Pillar' train bridge. Alicia is just a little farther down on the left, 2nd floor.