Tuesday, April 17, 2007

49. Cafe Review: Korko

Korko is another one of those great little cafes that Shimokita is famous for. The kind of place you want to hang out in.

Old wood floors and cream stucco walls surround earth-tone furniture. Decorative plants, strings of lights, and old Motown music add to the ambiance. One wall of Korko is all window. There is a coffee table with two small sofas, a four person 'floor' table, and a two person 'floor' table against this window. They give a really good view of the street and crowds below. Away from the window is another coffee table with two small sofas, two regular tables for two, and two stools at the bar.
All items on the lunch menu are served with a salad and choice of drink (coffee, tea, latte, orange juice, grapefruit juice, or Jasmine tea).

This is the complete lunch menu:

*Vegetable, sausage, and bacon 'Po tofu' , with choice of rice or bread 900 yen

*Tomato sauce pasta with bacon and spinach 950 yen

*Tandoori chicken and grilled vegetable 'don' (over rice in a bowl) 950 yen

*Vietnamese beef Pho 900 yen

*Beef stew, with choice of rice or bread 1000 yen

*Rice omelet topped with demi-glace sauce 1000 yen

*Butter Chicken Curry 1000 yen (sometimes they have green chicken curry instead). I ordered the beef stew with rice. First came my drink (iced Jasmine tea) and salad. Both good. My stew came with yellow saffron rice, yum. The stew was tasty, but I wouldn't order it again. Although good, the beef slices were too big to eat easily, and they were too difficult to cut without a knife. It wasn't traditional beef stew, I would have called it 'Sliced steak with stew'.
Hours of Operation: Open from 12:00 - 24:00. I am not sure what the dinner menu looks like.

Location: Korko is located about 3 minutes walk from the North exit of Shimokitazawa Station, at Kitazawa 2-33. It is on the 2nd floor, across the street from 'Robber Gabriela' (see earlier blog).