Friday, July 20, 2007

55. Cake Shop Review: Second House

I'm really not much of a dessert eater, but this cake shop had always enticed me. I guess it was mainly the quiet, outside dining tables.
Inside was nice as well. It was all white, very clean and clutter free. There was wood everywhere and a collection of jazz records displayed above the counter advertised what was playing in the background. In the dining area there is a long bench with 7 '2-top' tables. There is a dessert display case as you enter, and two more 'two tops' located in front of it.
I was surprised that the menu included some lunch items (available from 11am to 2pm):
*Bagel Sandwich Set (pumpkin and cream cheese sandwich with soup and coffee/tea) 1000 yen
*Bagel Sandwich Set 2 (spam, lettuce, tomato, & cheese sandwich w/ soup, coffee/tea) 1000 yen
*Quiche Set (quiche of the day with soup, salad, and coffee/tea) 1000 yen
The coffees, teas, and other drinks are in English and Japanese, but the lunch sets are only in Japanese (but there are photos).
Drink Menu:
Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Cafe Caramel Mocha, Brown Sugar Green Tea Coffee Latte, Cafe Chai, Almond Au lait, Hand dripped iced coffee, Ice coffee latte. 500 to 600 yen
There is a wide assortment of teas, from 600 to 620 yen.
Juices (cranberry, hot lemonade, cranberry grapefruit, grapefruit, orange) 500 to 520 yen
Fresh ginger ale 500
Coke 500
Milk 500
Chocolate milk 520
Brown Sugar Roasted Green Tea Milk 520
Powdered Green Tea Milk 520
Special just for summer:
Strawberry Soda, Cream Soda, or Lemon Squash 550
There is also a small selection of alcohol (450 to 470)
Corona, Smirnoff, Guiness, Heineken, Zima
The cakes and desserts are always changing. Just check the display case for the day's offerings.
If you order a dessert, you get 100 yen off tea or coffee, 50 yen off a soft drink. Add a cream topping for an extra 50 yen.
All cakes, muffins, cookies,... are available for take-out.
Second House is behind the Ozeki supermarket, just up the alley from Bana Bana and close to ES Cafe.