Tuesday, July 31, 2007

56. Cafe Review: K's Cafe

K's Cafe's sign says, "The place for developing international friendships". Don't let that scare you off. It is just a regular cafe that welcomes foreigners.

The interior is peach with dark wood accents and light wood tables. It is nicely decorated, and there is no clutter. In the summer it is a cool oasis; a great place to people watch, drink something tasty, and enjoy the mellow jazz that plays in the background.

Along the front window are 7 stools overlooking the shopping alley below. There are also 3 regular tables for two, one table for four, and a small sofa with a coffee table. The cafe also displays the work of a local artist, mostly cutesy postcards.

Before you enter, take a good look at the menu outside and decide what you want. The menu is in Japanese, with a good bit of English. Order and pay as soon as you enter, sit down, they will prepare your food and drinks, and then bring them to you. Don't worry about your dishes afterwards, they'll take care of them.

Food Menu
Cinnamon toast / French toast with ice cream 550
Green salad 500 / Tomato salad 550
Pizza toast / Bawloo sandwich / Omelette sandwich 550 (come with salad)
Chicken cutlet sandwich / Teriyaki chicken hamburg steak sandwich 600 (come with salad)

Drink Set: add coffee or tea (hot/ice) for 300. If you add 150, you can choose any drink except alcohol.
Drink and Cake Set: add coffee or tea (hot/ice) and dessert of the day 450.

Special Lunch Set: Cheese toast or scrambled eggs + toast, salad, fruit, coffee or tea 650
+200 for the dessert of the day

Homemade Cake Menu
Gateau chocolate / Baked white chocolate cheese cake / Homemade Pudding / Vanilla ice cream / Affogato (ice cream with espresso) / Banana cake / Fruit yoghurt
*Chose the two sweets you like! ¥500 (One\300)

Special Cake Sets: Your three favorite desserts + choice of drink 1100
*Four favorite desserts + choice of drink 1300

Hot Drinks:
Coffee ¥450
Espresso single ¥350
Hot Dutch coffee / espresso double ¥500
Coffee latte / cappuccino ¥550
Cafe mocha ¥600
*Latte with syrup
Hazelnut, coconut, blueberry, caramel, irish cream, cinnamon, almond 600

*Chai spice tea
Hot chai tea 500 / hot chai milk 600

*Herb tea
Rosehips & hibiscus flowers, peppermint, apple & mixed herbs, camomile flowers 500

Warm milk 450
Korean yuzu tea, hot cocoa 550
Matcha milk, caramel milk, banana chocolate milk, brown sugar milk, sweet potato milk 600

Cold Drinks:
Ice coffee (Dutch coffee) 500
Cafe au lait / ice coffee latte / ice cocoa 550
Ice coffee mocha 600

*Latte with syrup - hazelnut, coconut, blueberry, caramel, irish cream, cinnamon, almond 600

*With ice cream
Strawberry milk, banana milk 600 / Ice coffee 650

Ice tea / coka cola / ginger ale 450
Apple juice 500
Pink lemon soda / mango nectar juice 550
Ice chai milk / yuzu soda / orange juice / orange yogurt drink / strawberry yogurt drink 600

Special 'Healthy' Drinks:
Coka cola+ citric acid 500
Lemonade (ice/hot) / ice green tea 550
Ice lemonade + citric acid / wild strawberry soda / soy & sesame milk / hot wild strawberry tea / hot milk with CoQ10 + collagen 600

I just ordered an iced chai milk. It was tasty and came in a big glass. I'll visit this cafe again as it is great for people watching and the atmosphere is very relaxing.
K's Cafe has an English website: http://homepage.mac.com/myluckychan2/K

Hours of Operation: 13:00 - 21:00, last order 20:30. Closed on Thursdays.
No smoking time: 13:00 - 15:00

Address: 2-25-18, 2F, Kitazawa, Setagaya.
Phone: 03-5454-0047

Directions: Turn right out of the north exit of Shimokitazawa Station. You will see a cigarette shop on the left side within a minute. The is located on the second floor, above the cigarette shop.