Friday, July 20, 2007

53. Cafe Review: ES Cafe Dining

ES Cafe is a cafe mainly for those who like to play darts. There are two electronic dart boards, and the space needed to use them takes up almost half of the cafe.
In the front of the cafe is a large window overlooking a narrow, quiet alley. For those who just want to have a coffee and relax, there are two small sofas with a coffee table, and two lounge chairs also with a coffee table.
Along the other wall are 16 chairs with a variety of tables, all of which can be moved around. There is a computer at a table for two near the front window, and another one on a 4 seat bar counter located against the wall beside the dart boards. There are also two tall tables for two, and in the very back there is a bar counter with 3 or 4 seats.

There are two small TV's to watch, both were showing an international rugby tournament the day I was there. Otherwise, there is not much atmosphere, and there is a lot of clutter.

They have a few lunch specials everyday, I opted for one of their regular menu items: terriyaki chicken with lettuce on a toasted sesame bagel. It came with french fries, salad, and tea/coffee. It was very tasty, although difficult to eat (messy).

The menu is entirely in Japanese.

Unless you are into playing darts, there is nothing special about this cafe.

ES Cafe on the street right behind the Ozeki supermarket. I do not know their hours of operation.