Wednesday, September 12, 2007

62. Chain Restaurant Review: Cocoro

Cocoro, which means 'spirit / heart / mind', is a soup curry chain restaurant from Sapporo. The interior is more upscale than most curry places, the Shimokita branch has white brick and dark wood walls, with matching tables decorated with cute, miniature plants. When I was there, mellow English R&B was playing in the background.Along one wall is a long booth chair for four tables for 4. There are four tables for 2, two of them overlook the front window, and one regular table for 4. There is also a bar counter, which overlooks the kitchen, with about five seats. The main downside to Cocoro is that there isn't a non-smoking section.

The menu is all in English, but there are some pictures and most descriptions are in katakana. Ordering is a little complicated, though. Choose a curry, then the spice level, rice size - sm, med, lg, or extra large (extra large is 150 yen extra), and rice type (regular or genmai).

There are about 15 different varieties to choose from, all of which are full of vegetables, and which cost 800 to 1000 yen. Examples include: Pork & Spinach, Cabbage & Bacon, Ravioli,... I choose a curry that boasted 14 different vegetables. It was lunchtime so I also ordered the lunch set, which includes a lassi drink and choice of salad or dessert, for an extra 150 yen.

I was very impressed with the curry. The flavor was wonderful and the vegetables were cooked just right. Incredibly healthy and delicious at the same time!

In addition to the curry, there are a few side items available: cold tomato slices (280 yen), Caesar salad (280 yen), and a spicy chicken wing (320). Drinks include coffee, tea, chai, draft beer, and lassi - plain or flavored (mango, lychee, tropical fruit), and are between 180 and 380 yen.

Hours of Operation: 11:00 - 22:00

Phone: 03-5424-3561
Address: Kitazawa 2-34-8, KM Bld. 1Fl. 4 minute walk from the north exit of Shimokita Station. Check this website for a map.