Wednesday, May 2, 2007

51. Cafe Review: Mardi Gras

Down a small, narrow alley, Mardi Gras is a very popular cafe for 'local' ladies.

As you walk in the door, there is a small bar counter with 6 chairs overlooking the kitchen. The 'Mama-san' will greet you, and she is assisted by a nice younger woman.
The decor is very 'European', with cream walls, dark wood floors and tables, and emerald green satin seat cushions. Light classical music plays in the background. There are four round tables for 2, two round tables for 4, and a large table for 6.

I had the special of the day, a corned beef and vegetable stew, which came with a nice salad (tomato, corn, lettuce, and daikon in a light onion vinaigrette), and a slice of warm, buttered and toasted, rye bread. Ice or hot coffee/tea was included.

Another lunch choice is the salad plate. Customers choose 2 or 3 salads from a list of about 10. There are also a few sandwiches to choose from.

Most people come here for coffee or tea, and there is a good selection of desserts.
The menu is all in Japanese, but most of it is katakana.

Located on the north side of Shimokitazawa Station, just up the street from the Sembei (rice cracker) shop.