Friday, August 10, 2007

60. Bar & Restaurant Review: Seven Colors

Seven Colors is one of those places that only opens up for lunch to pull in a few customers while preparations are being made for nighttime. The day I was there, nobody came in except for a man delivering alcohol.

Seven Colors is definitely a 'night spot'. The atmosphere is very dark, with dark brown walls and floor, a black ceiling, and mostly black furniture (with a few touches of burgundy). There are no standard tables, mostly comfortable sofas with coffee tables. A few European posters decorate the walls and bosa nova was playing in the background. There is a large flat screen TV on one wall, Japanese MTV was on during my visit. A large open space is off to one side for those who want to play darts, and it probably doubles as a stage for live music.
In the back of the room is a well stocked, and nicely organized bar. Alcoholic drinks are 650 - 800 yen, soft drinks, coffee,... 500 - 600 yen, and desserts 500 - 550 yen.

The food menu includes a variety of snacks (popcorn, chips, french fries, shrimp in a mayonnaise sauce,...) all 500 - 700 yen. There is a variety of pasta 800 - 900 yen each (or half orders for 500 - 600 yen), both Japanese and Western style. I had bacon in a tomato cream sauce, it was good. I was disappointed that there were no lunch sets, so nothing came with my pasta. I ordered an iced peach tea to go with it.

Also on the menu are some rice bowl dishes (Ghengis Khan, Chashu, Tsukune, Saikoro - don), all 800 yen, half for 500 yen. There was also curry or salad udon for 750 yen, and a Caesar or mixed salad for 800 yen, half 500 yen.

It was too hot the day I was there, but outside there are a few umbrella-covered tables on a small balcony.

I wouldn't recommend Seven Colors for lunch, the staff wasn't that friendly to me, and they weren't very attentive (they never came over to see if I wanted another tea although I finished it early in my meal, I had to ask them for water,...). And, to be price competitive, they should have some lunch sets. Perhaps they should just stick to evenings.
Hours of Operation: 12:00 to 5:00am.

Address: Kitazawa 2-14-2, JOW3 Building, 3rd floor (take the elevator up). It is on the main street outside of the south exit of Shimokitazawa Station, a clothing shop is on the first floor.