Wednesday, June 20, 2007

52. Restaurant Review: Frisco - Charcoal Grill

I must have walked past it a million times before I finally noticed Frisco. Located down a tiny alley that is sandwiched between two stores, Frisco is a simple burger joint run by a really friendly man called 'Mike'. Well, his real name is Minoru, but after living in the United States for 37 years, 'Mike' fits. If you are looking for a delicious 'American-style' burger, this is definitely the place. Mike cooks his burgers right in front of you on a charcoal grill. The burgers are made from 100% Australian beef, each patty is 150 grams. Toppings include natural cheddar cheese, Texas pickles, fresh vegetables (tomato, lettuce, onion), mustard, and mayonaise. You can request any combination of these toppings, and you can add your own ketchup.
A 'lunch set' includes the soft drink of your choice and American crinkle fries, which come out crisp and golden brown. A single patty hamburger or cheeseburger set is around 1000 yen. Double and triple burgers are also available.

Purchased separately, burgers are 600 yen, french fries (m) 200 and (l) 380. The only other menu item is draft beer (400 yen).

Frisco's is a tiny place, narrow counters line the walls, and there are about 10 black bar stools for customers. The interior is mostly white with some silver accents, and photos of San Francisco help create an 'American' atmosphere. But, close your eyes and travel back just from the fantastic smell of the charcoal grilled burgers.

Sets are served in wicker baskets with 'Coke' cups, just like traditional American diners of the 50's and 60's. Of course the menu is in English and 'Mike' speaks it fluently. Take out is available.

Frisco is open from 11:30 to 21:00, it is closed on Tuesdays.
Phone: 03-3468-5744

Location: Out the north exit of Shimokitazawa, pass MOS Burger (it should be on your left), and Frisco is a little farther down, also on the left. It is just beside a store with a blue sign that (in English) reads 'Import Clothing - Magazen'.