Thursday, March 1, 2007

22. Shop Review: Dorobou Nikki

Recently 'traditional Japanese style' influences are making there way into modern clothing, it seems to be especially popular among the college crowd. 'Dorobou Nikki' is a shop that is completely dedicated to this style. T-shirts, jeans, jackets,... are all decorated with traditional images (Kabuki, dragons, cherry blossoms,...) or traditional materials have been added the garment (ex. Kimono fabrics). The jeans are especially cool, although sizes are limited.

The items are a little expensive, but it is evident that a lot of work went into the clothing. And, they are unique. Like 'Robber Gabriela' mentioned in a previous blog, everything here would be especially popular with teenage/college aged foreigners.

Unless you read Kanji (Chinese characters), you won't find this shop by name. Try to remember what the photo above looks like. It is about a one minute walk from the north exit of Shimokita Station, just across from the Deli/Sunday Brunch cafes I also mentioned in earlier blogs.

Address: Kitazawa 2-26-19
Phone: 03-3485-2681

Hours of Operation: 12:00 - 20:00

There are two other locations, one in Harajuku and one in Nagoya.

This website has some good photos of some of the items for sale: