Thursday, March 1, 2007

21. Cafe Review: Nan Station

Nan Station is closed and has been replaced with a Hawaiian restaurant.

Nan Station doesn't really have the look of an Indian restaurant. It is bright yellow and orange, and has more of a 'fast food' look to it. I had walked by it a hundred times, but I was surprised once I finally made it inside.

Right inside the entrance is where you order and there are also 5 counter seats. An Indian gentleman is making the nan, a friendly man of unknown nationality takes orders (he spoke English and Japanese), as does a Japanese man. Step through a side door and there is an outdoor, covered patio with 5 round tables. The patio is heated in the winter and it has a really comfortable, cozy feeling. What I didn't realize is that there is another dining room in the back. This one is completely indoors, with 26 seats (tables of 2 or 4) downstairs, and 28 seats upstairs. This area was tastefully decorated with beige wood tables/chairs/bookcases and white walls. Jazz was playing softly in the background. Nan Station is more of a cafe as it offers a limited, but convenient menu. The 'Station Set' is 680 yen. Nan or Rice + Your choice of curry + drink.

In the nan/rice category: for an extra 100 yen you can choose a specialty nan (cheese, garlic, raisin/nut, cinnamon); or for an extra 170 yen you can have rice and nan.

In the curry category, choose from: mild chicken, mild vegetable, shrimp, green (spinach + cottage cheese), spicy keema, and spicy mutton. For an extra 200 yen you can 'supersize' it.

In the drink category there are many choices: chai, lassi (yogurt drink), coffee, teas, coke, melon soda, ginger ale, orange juice, cappuccino. Make it a large drink for an extra 50 yen. Make your lassi - mango or strawberry for an extra 50 yen as well. Also, for an additional 200 yen, choose from: draft beer, Corona, rum & coke, Cassis lassi, Cassis orange, or Cassis soda.
I had garlic nan with the green curry and an ice chai. They gave me my drink and a number, and I went to sit down. The chai was average as it was probably instant. When the nan was ready, they brought me my food. No complaints there, it was delicious!

There are also sides you can order with the set:
*Salad with Italian dressing 240 yen
*Tandoori Chicken 290 yen (2 for 550 yen)
*Sweet Potato Samosa 240 yen
*French Fries / Chili Fries 240 yen
*Spicy Chicken Chili (m) 490 (l) 950
*Mango Pudding 240 yen

Customers can also order any of the nan, rice, or curries separately.

Another option is the 'cheese nan hot dog'. Served with a drink 600 yen, with a salad and drink 780 yen, or with french fries and a drink 780 yen.

They also serve all types of crepes and ice cream.

Nothing is in English, but it is all written in Katakana and there are some photos.

Take out is available for everything! You can just order it and wait, or you can call and pick it up 10 minutes later. The menu is the same during lunch and dinner.

Also, be sure to take the advertisement that comes on your tray. It has a number of food and drink discount coupons on it.

Address: Kitazawa 2-30-2, 1 minute from the north exit of Shimokita Station

Hours of Operation: 11:00 - 22:30 (last order at 21:00)
Phone: 03-5465-7182