Wednesday, February 28, 2007

19. Restaurant Review: Spaghetti-ya 'Dona'

Spaghetti-ya 'Dona' is yet another inexpensive Italian chain restaurant. Just like all the other chains that I have reviewed, this one is also nothing special.

Lunch Set: Small salad or cup of soup, choice of lunch (I had a bacon and eggplant spaghetti), and drink (I had ice coffee). 790 yen. I added garlic toast, it was only 80 yen.

Again, if in Shimokita and craving Italian, visit Ms. Claudia or Overtake Cafe (see previous blogs).

Phone: 03-3469-8850

Location: Kitazawa 2-chome, South side of Shimokitazawa Station. It is across from the Village Vanguard Store and just down the street from the Ozeki Supermarket.