Thursday, February 15, 2007

12. Restaurant Review: Little Saigon

In the basement of a building, right near the Mr. Donut is a delicious Vietnamese restaurant, Little Saigon. There are 5 tables for 4 people, 1 table for two, and 1 large table that can seat 7 people. It is a really small place run by a nice 'hippy' Japanese couple.

Their lunch specials are:

*Lemon Grass Fried Rice 900 yen*Pineapple Fried Rice 950 yen
*Lotus root with rice 1050 yen
*Chicken and sweet potato curry 900 yen

(these all come with a cup of soup, mini salad, and mini dessert)

*Chicken or Beef Pho 850 yen
*Fish, Tomato, and Noodle Soup 950 yen
*Crab and rice noodles, fried 900 yen

(these come with a mini salad and mini dessert)
For an extra 300 yen, choose 1 Vietnamese spring roll or 2 fried spring rolls

The lunch menu is all in Japanese, but the dinner menu has pictures and also has the Vietnamese name of the dish in Roman letters.

We have eaten here for lunch and for dinner. Everything is delicious. My very favorite is the eggplant with garlic. We always order Pho and the spring rolls. We have also ordered the lemon grass and pineapple fried rice dishes. Fantastic!

Address: Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa 2-19-17
Phone: 03-3414-0076