Saturday, January 27, 2007

5. Restaurant Review: Ms. Claudia

Ms. Claudia - La Cucina Nobile & BarSetagaya-ku, Kitazawa 2-34-5 150-0031
Tel. 03-3460-4746 Fax. 03-3460-9532

Ms. Claudia is a short walk from the North exit of Shimokitazawa Station. It is located in a basement, but the restaurant has an open-air patio that lets in natural light. On the patio are two outdoor tables (2 chairs at each table) with an umbrella.

Inside, Ms. Claudia is simple, yet elegant. The interior walls are concrete gray, accented with black, forest green, and cream. The largest wall has a huge display of liquor bottles, lit from behind. There was soothing English music in the background, although I did find the dish washing in the kitchen to be a little noisy.

The front of the restaurant has 3 '4-tops', 1 '3-top', and 1 '6-top'. There is a bar counter with 6 chairs, and against the opposite wall is a long bench lined with about 7 tables (with 7 more chairs). The restaurant was quite busy, most of the clientele were older, well-dressed women.

When I entered, my coat was taken and hung in a closet. I had the 'Claudia Lunch Set' for 990 yen and a side of bread for 100 yen. The set came with a salad, your choice of pasta or a pizza, and a drink. There are more expensive sets available, they include dessert and/or anti pasta,...

The salad was a very good one, there were different types of lettuce, tomato slices, corn, and some herb leaves, in a light vinaigrette. The side of bread was impressive for 100 yen. I was given two thick slices of baguette, with olive oil and Parmesan cheese for dipping. My meal choice was an eggplant and bacon pasta in tomato sauce. It was tasty and filling.

So far, this is the best Italian restaurant I have found in Shimokitazawa, I would definitely recommend it.